Rubber Sheet
Mannington’s ColorFields smooth surface rubber sheet and tile flooring delivers unparalleled performance coupled with exceptional design flexibility and aesthetics. It features beautiful colorations ranging from soft neutrals to expressive, vibrant brights. All this with superior durability and low maintenance make ColorFields the ideal choice for healthcare, education and other commercial environments.


Rubber Tile
Mannington’s ColorScape™ and ColorSpec™ floor tiles are made with a better rubber formulation. Shaped by Mannington to hold their amazing color, resist indentations and cracking, and be quiet underfoot. Profile patterns that are both practical and lovely make them easy to clean, and ensure that they remain slip resistant for years. Built-in waxes produce a natural luster that requires no finishes or stripping, lowering maintenance costs. And superior quality and durability – with a 10 year warranty – give the peace of mind that only comes with a Mannington product.


Stair Treads
Turning stairs back into a design feature. Mannington’s superior rubber formulation offers a slip-resistant surface, while preserving your design from scuffing, gouging and abrasions. And their rubber’s natural luster requires no waxing or stripping. So your design project is protected, and the beautiful colors installed are beautiful colors that last. Select from classic round, simple square or sculptured texture profile patterns, in vinyl alternative type TS and TP rubber, or type TV rubber and vinyl. Choices that work for your project.


Sculptured Wall Base
At those spaces on the periphery of a room, between the floor surface and four walls, make wall base an accent, rather than an afterthought. Edge Effects™ is sculptured wall base that looks like milled and painted wood – yet is flexible enough to install around corners and columns, and resists the dents, abrasions and high costs of installation and maintenance that mar painted wood.


Wall Base
At those spaces on the periphery of a room, between the floor surface and four walls, make wall base an accent, rather than an afterthought. Choose from our type TS, TP or TV wall bases for flexible application, long lasting durability and a great look. All with an eye for color that adds a bit of wow, or a nuanced touch, to the edges of a room.



Shaw laminates use less newly harvested wood than conventional hardwoods. And feature their exclusive OptiCore – an environmentally friendly laminate flooring coreboard that’s strong, stable, and moisture resistant. Give rooms energy and sparkle with Shaw’s Luminiere laminate flooring collection. These brilliant, wood-like laminates feature LocNPlace technology and enhanced scratch resistance, so they install easily and last long.



Tarkett provides integrated and coordinated flooring and sports surface solutions to professionals and end-users that measurably enhance both people’s quality of life and the life-time return of building facilities. No matter whether the project is public, commercial, residential or a sports facility installation, a new construction or a renovation project, Tarkett leverages their worldwide expertise, their broad vinyl product portfolio as well as intimate understanding of customers’ needs to offer distinctive flooring experiences.